Citronella Collar Rental



Terms and Conditions

1. This agreement is for the rental of the ABS Citronella Anti-barking unit13B
owned by P&K Pets and does not transfer any rights of ownership to the
Renter. The Renter agrees that they shall not transfer or assign the unit or this
Agreement to any other Party. The Renter further agrees to return the unit to
P&K Pets at the end of the rental period.

2. The Renter specifically acknowledges that this agreement is not for the
purchase of the unit.

3. The Renter agrees to return the unit on the date specified on the rental
agreement, if the unit is not returned on this date late fees as specified above
will be applicable.

4. Should the Renter discover at any time during the rental period that the unit or
any part of the unit is not operating correctly, the Renter agrees to contact the
store immediately. No refund will be given for the rental fees or deposit if the
unit is returned at the end of the rental period and is found to be faulty or

5. The Renter agrees that P&K Pets is not responsible for any accidents or
injuries to the renter, property or pets and the Renter agrees to indemnify the
store against any claims or other matters that may arise in relation to such
accidents or injuries.

6. The Renter has thoroughly read and received all of the required literature on
this unit and fully understands that this unit is not guaranteed to change any
unwanted behaviour in their pet. The Renter understands that no refunds on
the hire fee will be given if this unit does not change or modify their pets’
behaviour. The hire fee is for the entire 10-day period; refunds will not be
given on days remaining on the rental period if the unit is returned before the759023035154CS4
expiry of the rental period.
Both parties have read and fully understand this Agreement and accept the above
terms and conditions.

The hire of this unit requires the purchase of a citronella refill can, collar strap and
battery; these products remain the property of the hirer.
Hire fee is $5.00 per day for a 10-day hire period, total hire cost $50.00.
$100.00 refundable deposit required at time of hire.
Late fee of $10.00 per day applicable, after 5 consecutive late days deposit will be
Extensions on rental periods are possible if no waiting lists on the unit apply.

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