Kitten Care Sheet


You could spend hours watching the kittens play together. Why get bored with chasey when it's so much fun?

Cats make really good pets for people that want a lot of attention, and that are willing to give it back in return. Cats are cleaner and much easier to maintain than a dog, however they can be just as destructive. But instead of shredding a plant, they may shred expensive home furnishings. This won't be a problem if proper entertainment is provided and your pets get a lot of care and attention.

Cats are extremely clean and generally care for themselves. All they really need is food, water and a place to sleep. Permanent indoor cats will need a litter tray and access to the outside.

Things to consider:

  • Looks/Coat- Tabby? Black & White? Pure bred Persian? Choose something you like. Long hair cats mean more hair around the house and more fur balls
  • Temperament- Although less documented than dogs, curtain breeds poses traits not common in others
  • Environment- Indoor, outdoor? Other pets and the natural environment should be taken into consideration. Cats near rural areas, bush and reserves are normally considered a menace and roads are a cats worst nightmare
  • Time- Like any pet you will need to spend time for feeding, cleaning, care and affection. However, most of this can be quite easy with a cat.
  • Cost- There will be ongoing expenses for food and entertainment. Some cats can be fussy about food while other may need scratching posts and lots of toys in an effort to save your furniture! You should also keep money aside for unexpected vet bills.

Basic Requirements

When getting a kitten there are some essential items that you need. Here is a list of basic requirements:

  • Water and food dish/s
  • Bedding
  • Cat litter, tray & scoop
  • Worming continuation
  • Premium kitten food

Optional Requirements

  • Cat scratch pole
  • Cubby or kennel
  • Flea, tick treatments or continuation
  • Litter box &/or disposal system
  • Grooming aids, brushes, gloves, nail clippers
  • Shampoo's, conditioners and cologne's
  • Harness & leash
  • Carry cage
  • Toys toys toys


Suitable For People Aged: 5 & Over Adult Supervision
Experience Required: None / Care Sheet & Info
Feeding & Care Time Required: 1/2 Hour a Day
Maintenance Required: 1 Hour Twice a Week
Minimum Space Required: Inside House, Flat or Secure Yard
Cost of Upkeep: (approx) $20+ per week
Life Span: (approx) 10 to 20 Years
Availability: October to May

Kitten Care Sheet

Our kitten care sheet has been designed for customers that have just bought a kitten from us and are taking it home for the first time. However, it is full of useful information suitable for any first timers!

To read our care sheet, simply click the link below to open it in your browser. However, if you want to download it to your computer for future reference, simply 'right click' on the document and select "Save Target As...". Then simply choose a location(like your desktop) to save them. You will need Acrobat to read and print these documents.