cockatielThe Cockatiel is a is a small parrot, native to Australia. It feeds on seed, grasses, fruits, berries, and grains. The most distinguished feature of the cockatiel is its crest. Wild cockatiels are only found as the normal gray bird, most of the rest of the mutations have been produced by Aviculturists. Most of the breeding takes place between August and September, depending on the climate.

The cockatiel is a very hardy bird. It is very affectionate, a great size, has a great personality, and overall, a recommended family pet. With a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years (depending on mutation as well), the cockatiel is a great pet if you are planning on getting a pet bird. Cockatiels are easy to tame as well.

Most Male Cockatiels will feature a bright yellow head with very bright orange red cheeks. Females will feature more of a dull gray head with fading cheeks. The Male and Female features all depend on the type of cockatiel you have and the age. The above is accordance to the normal gray cockatiels.

A tame cockatiel will often love to do things like take showers with you, wolf-whistle, eat off your plate of spaghetti, demand head scratches, demand to be let on your shoulder for a ride, and in general make cute noises and ask to be picked up and played with. If they learn to associate crackers or corn chips with the sound of crinkling bags, beware! You'll have a cockatiel demanding whatever crunchy food it is you're eating out of a bag. Cockatiels are generally quiet and clean.

The attraction of the cockatiel is not hard to understand. These birds are neither noisy nor destructive and will live and breed in colonies naturally. With their gentle nature, they can be housed in a mixed collection alongside other birds, even tiny finches. As pets, cockatiels can be taught to talk and whistle, and become very attached to their owners. They have a longer life span than the budgerigar and are less expensive and easier to handle than a cockatoo. Though the cockatiel is overall, a easy and hardy pet to keep, it still needs its requirements and dedication from you, in order to keep it healthy and happy.

Basic Requirements

If you are about to get a cockatiel, you need to make sure you have the basic requirements, before you even bring them home! Here is a list of the basic requirements for any cockatiel.

  • Cockatiel Cage or Aviary
  • Water/Food Feeders (usually with cage)
  • Shell Grit
  • Small Parrot Seed

Optional Requirements

  • Full flight cage or aviary
  • Play Gyms
  • Calcium grit
  • Calcium & Iodine bells or supplements
  • Toys


Suitable For People Aged: 5 & over
Experience Required: None. Care sheet & info
Feeding Care Time Required: 1/2 hour a day
Maintenance Time Required: 1/2 Hour a Week
Minimum Space Required: Cockatiel Cage or Aviary
Cost of Upkeep: (approx) $5 Per Week
Life Span: (approx) up to 25 years
Availability: Spring onwards