mouseMouse Care Sheet

Mice in general are one of the most common pests to mankind. They have however also been an indispensable help to mankind through scientific research for over a 100 years. This is a point of serious concern for many animal rights activists, however, without the help of mice we simply would not have the medicines and technology that we take for granted today.

Regardless of these facts, the mouse is found in almost every corner of the world and come in many different varieties. Mice are becoming more popular than ever as pets. They are easy to maintain and look after, while being adorably cute and interesting.

In their natural state, mice are sociable members of colonies. Therefore, keeping two instead of one will meet their need to play and interact with their own kind. They should be of the same sex (except for male mice as they will fight), unless you have plenty of friends willing to adopt a continuous supply of new babies!

Rats and mice, although looking very similar except for size, cannot be housed with each other or other species of rodents. Mice can learn to get along with other family pets such as dogs and cats, but care should be given when introducing them (especially the cat!). Don't stress your pets by trying to get them to get along if they are clearly frightened. Any time spent together should always be supervised.

Small mouse houses, aquariums and cages are available specifically for a few mice. There are also some amazing tube systems that you can run all over the room or even around your house. This enables your mouse to feel free and run around when really they can't escape the tunnel system. Accessories are also available to attach to these systems that include mouse wheels, lookouts and more.

Mice make extremely good pets for children as they are tactile and interactive. The can become very friendly and will happily sit on your hand or shoulder. They do have a short life span, but this can also help to learn the complexities of life. Mice take little care and are relatively inexpensive to keep once setup.

Basic Requirements

If you are about to get a mouse, you need to make sure you have the basic requirements, before you even bring them home! Here is a list of the basic requirements for any mouse.

  • Small animal cage or enclosure
  • Mouse wheel
  • Sawdust or straw bedding
  • Ceramic food dish
  • Drip/sip bottle
  • Mouse pellets

Optional Requirements

  • Mouse house or den
  • Play equipment
  • Tunnel systems
  • Wood chews
  • Salt/mineral lick stone


Suitable For People Aged: 5 & over
Experience Required: None. Care sheet & info
Feeding Care Time Required: 10 minutes a day
Maintenance Time Required: 1/2 Hour twice a Week
Minimum Space Required: Small animal cage
Cost of Upkeep: (approx) $4 Per Week
Life Span: (approx) 2 to 3 years
Availability: All Year

Mouse Care Sheet

To read our care sheet, simply click the link above to open it in your browser. However, if you want to download it to your computer for future reference, simply 'right click' on the document and select "Save Target As...". Then simply choose a location (like your desktop) to save. You will need Acrobat to read and print these documents.