Bird Eating Spiders

Bird Eating Spiders Care Sheet

Bird eating spiders (Selenocosmia crassipes) are also known as barking spiders or whistling spiders. This is due to the noise they make, which can be compared to the noise of running your fingernail down a comb. They generate the noise by rubbing their palps with their fangs.

This is the largest species of spider in Australia, and is part of the tarantula family, which comprises of the largest spiders in the world.

The largest tarantula can measure up to 33cm (13”), while the Australian bird eating spider can reach sizes up to 6.5cm (2.6”) for the female and 5cm (2”) for the male.

The spiders are common to upper Queensland and the Northern Territory. There are at least 4 kinds of the species found here.

These spiders live under logs or in burrows which are 3cm wide and 60cm deep, which they line with silk. Sometimes a loose web is made around the entrance and they have also been compared to trap door spiders, as they will jump out to grab prey. The spiders are nocturnal and mainly come out at night.

These spiders are venomous, the bite is potentially dangerous for they have fangs that grow up to 10mm in length with a diameter of 2.5mm at the base. There are however no human fatalities, but a bite to a human will cause severe pain and swelling.

These fangs are great weapons. When provoked, they rear up and strike downwards. The penetration of such large fangs without venom is dangerous in itself for most prey. They have been known to crush a victim with their fangs before the venom has been injected or had time to work.

Basic Requirements

If you are about to get a Bird eating spider, you need to make sure you have the basic requirements, before you even bring them home! Here is a list of the basic requirements for any Bird eating spider.

  • Vivarium
  • Soil, bark, leaves an peat moss
  • Logs
  • Water Bowl

Optional Requirements

  • Heaters (if Required)
  • Night vision Goggles!


Suitable For People Aged: 15 & over VENOMOUS
Experience Required: Preferable Reptile or Insects
Feeding Care Time Required: 10 minutes a week
Maintenance Time Required: 1/2 Hour a Week
Minimum Space Required: Vivarium
Cost of Upkeep: (approx) $2 Per Week
Life Span: (approx) Up to 10 years (female) 3-4 Years (male)
Availability: All Year

Bird Eating Spiders Care Sheet

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