dogA dog makes a great pet because they are lovable & cute, mischievous & fun, and lets not forget loyal. After all, a dog is a man's best friend right? Dogs are the ultimate companion pet as they can have a complicated personality of their own. Dogs can be a best friend for a child and a loyal companion or even body guard for an adult.

There's an extensive range of dogs available to suit all and any situation. Some dogs are perfect for family's, others for the aged. Some dogs work, while some will simply never! Some dogs are perfect for indoors and small yards, other need lots of space.

It's important that the cute puppy your looking at now, will grow into the dog that will suit you and your situation. You will really be making a choice that will last for the lifetime of the dog. First work out which breeds you like and then narrow it down to what will be the best choice in your situation.

Things to consider:

• Looks/Coat- Of course the dog you choose has to be one that you'll love. Would you kiss them? You can bet they will always want to kiss you! Long hair means more maintenance
• Temperament- Boisterous, aggressive, passive, shy, energetic, lazy? Most breeds will already have a 'known' temperament and behavioural patterns
• Size- Small yard = small dog? Generally speaking this is the case, but it will depend on environment and exercise
• Environment- Family dog or a dog for old age? Kids, friends, allergies and "if you like the look of your garden", all needs to be taken into consideration. Not to mention if you already have other pets
• Time- Owning a dog will require you to commit some time every day. Apart from feeding, they need exercise, training, grooming, cleaning and attention.
• Cost- After purchasing a dog, their will be ongoing expenses for food and maintenance (lots of tennis balls). You should also keep money aside for unexpected vet bills.

Basic Requirements

If you are about to get a puppy, you need to make sure you have the basic requirements, before you even bring them home! Here is a list of the basic requirements for any puppy.

• Water and food dish/s
• Bedding
• Puppy collar
• Leash
• Premium puppy food
• Worming treatment continuation
• Puppy grooming brush

Optional Requirements

• Kennel
• Flea free bedding or off ground bedding
• Flea, tick treatments or continuation
• Heart worm treatments
• Indoor toilet training pads
• Grooming aids, brushes, gloves, nail clippers
• Shampoo's, conditioners and cologne's
• Dog loo
• Carry cage
• Toys toys toys


Suitable For People Aged: All But Depends on Breed, Adult Supervision
Experience Required: None / Care Sheet & Info
Feeding & Care Time Required: 2 Hours a Day
Maintenance Time Required: 1 Hour a Week
Minimum Space Required: Large Yard- Depends on Breed
Cost of Upkeep: (approx) $20+ per week
Life Span: (approx) Up to 15 Years
Availability: All Year

Puppy Care Sheet

Our puppy care sheet has been designed for customers that have just bought a puppy from us and are taking it home for the first time. However, it is full of useful information suitable for any first timers!

To read our care sheet, simply click the link above to open it in your browser. However, if you want to download it to your computer for future reference, simply 'right click' on the document and select "Save Target As...". Then simply choose a location(like your desktop) to save them. You will need Acrobat to read and print these documents.